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Helo dear visitor,

my name is Carsten Arnold. On these sides you find various programs of me. Partially Freeware on the other hand the part of Shareware. All programs run only under OS/2.

v1.7.4 and v1.7.6

configuration program for the PBX Euracom 180-182 FW to 1.11b by Ackermann.

Betaversion of EuraPM2, the OS/2 software for PBX Euracom FW >= 2.0
v1.3 and 1.3.8c

a little Translator English/German
PMMail has a quantity of filters, but there's one I miss. Mails to some special persons should always be encoded, but sometimes, I forget to trigger this explicitly. Since PMMail has no such filter, but offers the possibility to use REXX scripts, I decided to write my own one and now, I can also process signed mails. The script is situated here for downloading. It is freeware, I'd however be pleased about a mail.

Tool One for Moneyplex
Liberty for windows (not MS ;-)) from Moneyplex. v1.14
command line tool to copy out of parts on wave files
Freeware v0.17
Command line-Wave-Player and -Recorder for very big files.
Freeware v1.04
patch for pmmerge.dll to increase performance of writing INI-files.
Freeware v1.00
The program is an add on for Visual Age 3.0 to correct a Menu-Bug in VA.
Freeware v0.55
CleanINI, OS/2-Software to deleting wasted handles in os2sys.ini
GUI for isdnpm 3.0 - new beta version

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